Ms Group

Improving quality of life

‚Äč We are a global provider of motion system products and services to improve quality of life for disabled and elderly persons and other selected applications.


MS Group’s three P:s

Our operation should contribute to sustainable development, taking into account economic, environmental and social factors.

Sustainability permeates our activities and support our ambition to be perceived as a good social actor that complies with rules and laws, good business ethics and clear values.


MS Group achieves success through competent and committed employees. Health and the working environment are priority issues at MS Group and our health and safety work is systematic and long-term.

All employees and partners will contribute to a healthy corporate culture based on respect for human equality, openness and honesty. We encourage involvement and expertise at all levels of the company.

MS Group conducts an annual performance appraisal with all employees, carries out employee surveys and takes action where it is needed. We respect social and cultural diversity and strive to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

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We take responsibility for the society in which we operate, for mankind and the environment and creates opportunities for a sustainable future.We are working in a structured way to reduce the businesses impact on the environment.

We are working to improve our processes to manage our environmental impact throughout the product life cycle and find materials with sustainable alternatives.We strives to reduce and conserve the resources of the business. This includes financial, natural and human resources to minimize the overall environmental impact of our operations.

We set goals and continuously measure business achievement towards a more sustainable society. Examples of such targets are sickness absence (illness), energy consumption and waste.

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Economic growth and profitability is essential if we are to develop our business. We inspire a culture of innovation, flexibility and growth. This increases the possibility of achieving sustainable development.

Through our code of conduct, we can ensure that we run our business in a safe, professional, ethical and responsible way.

For example, we have zero tolerance against all forms of corruption, follow the competition laws and legislation, as well as safeguarding fundamental human rights with us, as well as our suppliers.

If you want to read more, download our Sustainability Report here